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    SXSW 2007: Day 4 – Rooftops, tears and racoon tails

    (Goldrush rock Homeslice Pizza.) Does anyone still care about my last day at SXSW? Regardless, as my blog is more or less my diary, posterity dictates that I must complete this record of the experience. Besides, there are still good things to be shared. And so: Saturday in Austin was gorgeous and sunny. We started the day at Homeslice Pizza on South Congress. Yeah, it’s weird that even a pizza place has a back patio and a stage, but so it goes in Austin. Top on Roy’s list was seeing the Brit band Goldrush, and this was our last opportunity. Their 1:00 set was perfectly timed as I was starving.…

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    SXSW 2007: Day 3 – Free shoes for musicians & the power pop marathon

    (Groovy giant lighted sign inside at the Jane party.) Friday was sunny and pleasantly chilly, and we decided to spend the afternoon hitting the party circuit. As a long-time subscriber, I managed to get on the guest list for the invite-only Jane magazine party, our first stop. Yes, I know that Jane is for 20-somethings and I realize that I am not a 20-something. I like to think that reading Jane keeps me hip. Hahahaha. C’mon, just let me think it. The Jane party was completely off the beaten path and not near any of the other festivities. After driving around looking for parking, then searching purses, pockets and every…

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    SXSW 2007: Day 2 – The Queen of Myspace, 2nd tier energy drinks & the boots that broke my heart

    One of the many things I love about Austin, it’s just one good hair day after another. Not sure why that is….something to do with the climate and/or the water, no doubt, but as I don’t have many good hair days, this is a phenomenon that does not go unnoticed. Once again, I digress. Thursday’s action was delayed a few hours due to our seemingly neverending web issues and blogging demands (obviously not demands on me, as I’m just now blogging about the trip). I’d wanted to stop by the Found Magazine party, more to try to schmooze with Davy Rothbart and pick up the new Dirty Found magazine than…

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    (I haven’t killed EVERYTHING in my yard yet. There’s hope!) Please enjoy the lovely daffodils while your blogger gets through the work week, rejuvenates, and gathers her thoughts. Stay tuned for 4 more days of SXSW blog recaps this weekend! Promise!

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    SXSW 2007: Day One – La Quinta is Spanish for “Pedicab it on a stone tablet”

    Lots of music to blog about, but first, a rant: Anyone who’s ever taken a road trip has surely seen the “La Quinta is Spanish for high speed internet access” billboards near the highway. Well. Roy was committed to blog about SXSW all week for Amazon, and I’m just addicted to email and ebay (and not necessarily in that order), so the interweb is muy importante (I don’t speak Spanish dudes, so if that’s wrong, sorry) to both of us. We spent a good portion of Wednesday a.m. frustrated about the La Quinta Oltorf’s LACK of operable internet access. I mean, Austin is only one of the most wired cities in…

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    Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin…..

    (The river. Eagles are sitting on that ice, I swear. You just can’t see them.) Tired of my dorky musical references? Then you probably shouldn’t read my blog. Last Sunday, my Dad and I drove to his favorite super secret eagle viewing spot. (Can’t tell you where. Would have to kill you.) It was a beautiful day, cold, but sunny and clear. I’d never seen the bald eagles that reportedly frequent the river banks, but Dad had seen them…approximately a handful of times in 3X as many attempts. Pessimist that he is, the Dad was afraid we might not see any eagles, but I was pretty confident we would, for…

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    When string attacks…..

    (The Cash man before my vet removed his stitches.) I was settled in for what I’d hoped would be a chill Sunday evening……hanging on the couch, lazily taunting Cash with one of his favorite toys: a laminated bookmark with a beaded nylon cord. Cash pulled the bookmark out of my hand. I was watching Prince play half-time, pondering why in the hell he’d chosen to wear a headscarf that made him look like somebody’s grandma. 2 or 3 minutes passed and I got up to retrieve the bookmark. It was on the floor. Next to it was about an inch and 1/2 of the cord. The other 10 inches of…

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    Reunited, and yes……it feels so good

    As anyone who knows me would expect, I made about 5,000 resolutions for 2007. The first and most important relates to quitting a habit that shall remain nameless. Hints: It’s perfectly legal, totally addictive and unhealthy and doesn’t involve food, beverages or shopping. After successfully conquering res #1 for a week, I embarked on res #2, which shall henceforth be known as “the most stupid resolution ever”. I tried to give up Diet Coke. I’ve been drinking Diet Coke for 25 years. I don’t drink a lot, but having 2 immediately upon getting up in the morning has been a part of my routine for a good decade. Even when…

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    Art as Life (in Black and White)

    (This kick ass cover photo could single-handedly revive the black leather pant, and possibly the shag.) Diane Arbus began taking photographs in the 1940s as a young married woman in partnership with her husband, Alan Arbus. Although she came from a background of privilege and was well schooled, Arbus was not a classically trained artist when she started her career in photography. She was very focused on her role as a wife and mother and embarked on a career only because her family needed the money. The Arbuses’ early work focused on magazines and the fashion industry and was very traditional versus the style of work for which she is…