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SXSW 2011 – Photo Journal – Day 1: Duran Duran!

One of my favorite photos: Simon LeBon in the shadows, checking out the crowd before going on stage.

Obviously everyone on the planet knows this is John Taylor and Simon LeBon, but just in case.  It’s John Taylor and Simon LeBon of Duran Duran.

Seeing Duran Duran was a giant thrill.  Bigger than I could have imagined, actually.  I’ve been Duran obsessed ever since.  Simon LeBon is a brilliantly hilarious tweeter…pretty much as you’d assume and hope he would be.  John Taylor: Prolific on the Twitter, and very generous in answering fan tweets.  Hearts flying out of my head for DD.

Duran Duran capped off Day One of SX2011.  The following shots reflect my day chronologically up to that apex, which admittedly, left me wondering how the hell the next 3 days could compete.

The Head and the Heart at Mellow Johnny’s (Lance Armstrong’s bike shop). Loved.

Small Ponds, featuring Caitlin Cary.  Nice, but unfortunately extremely boring.

The Hobart Brothers, featuring Jon Dee Graham and Susan Cowsill.  Lots of talent on one stage, but pretty scrappy as a band.

Apex Manor, outside at Waterloo Records, prove that there is definitely live after the Broken West.

The always charming, genius, Ray Wylie Hubbard at Threadgill’s.

The Trishas.  Pretty girls, but not yet ready for prime time.

Yuck.  British, drone-y.  Loved.

James Blake.  He covers a Feist song, but electronica is not my thing.  Did not get him or like him. Excrutiating.

This pretty much says it all about the Smith Westerns. Style, but questionable substance.

The mind-blowing Rafael Saadiq.