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Austin post-script

(Andrew and Lindsay)

Yeah, it’s been months since I was last in Austin, but I couldn’t wrap up my SXSW coverage without mentioning our fab and very chill Sunday afternoon at Jo’s. Hanging at Jo’s Coffee is great even without entertainment, but the Sunday before we left we got to hear (for the first time) our friend Andrew’s trio (Andrew is married to my cute friend Mona) as well as the Jo’s house band, featuring Tina Rose (who married Mona and Andrew and is one of the warmest people you’ll ever meet). We’d seen Andrew play earlier in the week as he plays with Kelly Willis. He’s a busy guy. And speaking of busy, it’s amazing how SXSW flies by and you don’t have much chance to hang with friends, so this was just perfect.

(The Jo’s house band)

A little jazz (trio)…..a little torch and twang (Tina)….friends (the aforementioned + Mona) and caffeine. Does it get any better?

(How cute is Mona??)

Oh, PLUS I got to meet Tift Merritt and her boyfriend Zeke. They are friends of Andrew’s. Very geniune and gracious folks, as you would expect.

Until September, Austin!