If a tree falls in my yard while I’m at Best Buy getting a new TV, will it make a sound?


I guess the cats would probably hear it.

I hesitate to publicize this, but the irony given my rants against Ameren isn’t lost on me. Every day (except Xmas) since late last week, troupes of tree trimmers have been at work on my block. All the trucks have magnetic signs on them (as pictured above) that say “Ameren Reliability Improvement Project”. How subtle. If they would only trim that branch which is nowhere near the power lines but looks like it could fall on my house, I would be really happy. Actually, I don’t think it’s possible for Ameren to make me happy, short of never EVER having another power outage. I think I’m just irrevocably cranky on this topic, frankly. So, okay, I see that they are doing something. Time will tell whether their efforts do any good.

In the mean time, I am doing my best to live the life of a shut in and actually enjoy it. I haven’t started enjoying it yet. Despite always wishing for unencumbered free time to loll about and read or lounge, I am such a hopeless type A that doing nothing stresses me out and evokes guilt. Sick, I know. But I’m holding out hope that actual relaxation and bliss will come. I’m halfway through my “vacation”, so it may yet be salvagable.

As much as I want to stay in and fight my anti-relaxation demons, I do need to leave the house at some point to go buy a new TV. I rarely, rarely even turn the TV on, but watching dvds was part of my holiday shut in relax-and-then-feel-guilty plan. Not having attempted to turn on the TV since the power outage, I discovered only a few days ago that my TV was a casualty of the storm. This is the 3rd appliance to bite the dust in so many years. (Prior casualties: microwave, twice. Still haven’t replaced it.) And of course not much evokes more anxiety in me than buying electronics.

Doomed, aren’t I?