When I turned on my cell phone this morning, I found a message from my neighbors reporting that the power was back on! See, people….just throw your wish out into the blogosphere and it will come true. If only! I’d be blogging lottery numbers on a daily basis. Then I’d win and could buy a generator the size of my garage. I’d have the whole block covered next time we are plunged into darkness.

Anyway, I am very grateful to have made it through this latest power outage relatively unscathed. (Save for 3 days of crabbiness, which didn’t scathe me but certainly scathed Roy, my coworkers and my friends. Sorry guys.) Cash is happy to be out of hiding and prowling his home turf once again. He spent the last 12 hours flattened under Roy’s futon. (Headroom = approximately 4 inches, max. I thought he was going to suffocate under there.) Cricket rallied, but has been sleeping off the stress that rumbled underneath her calm, furry exterior.

So life is good, for us anyway. As of this morning, there were almost 400,000 people without power in St. Louis. I am still willing to lead that angry mob to the Ameren headquarters. You know where to find me.