My Guiltiest Pleasure, Unmasked

Us Weekly.jpg

While in Austin in early October, I took a stroll through my favorite independent book store, Book People. As someone who enjoys rambling about my own literary choices (gee….can ya tell?), I also like reading about the choices of others, so I often check out the staff picks.

A long time magazine junkie, I sprinted toward the extensive magazine section, where I was surprised to spot a staff pick sign. I laughed out loud when I realized that Amy’s pick was my beloved Us Weekly!

Okay, Us Weekly is hardly a “literary choice”. Some people watch television when they want to veg out. I read Us Weekly. I think of it like this: Most people (admit it) like to gossip. Us Weekly provides hours and hours (okay, minutes and minutes) of juicy gossip material about people you don’t know. Stupid celebrities! Does it get any better, I mean, really? Who doesn’t want to read about Brangelina’s latest attempts to adopt another souvenir baby? Or about Jennifer Aniston’s inability to keep a man?

Not convinced? Alright. I give you my 2 favorite excerpts from this week’s issue:

– Quote from Martha Stewart, on being nervous talking about marijuana with ‘Weeds’ star Elizabeth Perkins on her show: “I’m in sort of a delicate situation here because I’m on probation.”

– Kate Moss, commenting on Heather Mills McCartney’s claims that Paul wouldn’t let her keep a bed pan in the bedroom, forcing her to crawl to the bathroom at night. Kate claims to have seen Heather with her prosthetic leg off and said “She (Heather) was jumping around like a fucking gazelle.”

$3.49 a week at the newstand. I’d recommend a subscription.